ONE simple change to your forecast call is all it takes!

If you’ve been following my content for a while now, you probably know my consulting practice is completely focused on helping sales leaders in technology win more Big Deals.

I recently recorded a (short) new training video to show Sales Leaders how ONE simple change to their forecast call can help them double their big deals win-rate.

In the video, you’ll learn:

  • How to STOP using the forecast call to Inspect Big Deals (and learn a new strategy that’s way more effective…)
  • How to Coach your team to ruthlessly qualify their Big Deals (and only spend time on Big Deals they can win…)
  • Get Intentionaland Deliberate about your Big Deal process (and win your unfair share of Big Deals…)
  • How to Inspect, Assess and Coach your teams’ Must Winsales campaigns (and generate much more consistent results…)

Watch the new video if you’re frustrated by last-minute forecast surprises because the big deals you were counting on didn’t close when expected.

Or, if you’re ready to chat about how I can help transform the way you manage your big deal pipeline, click here to schedule a call

Great selling.


For more ideas about how you can help your team win big, read my new book Winning the Six-Figure Sale: A Sales Leaders Guide to WIN More Big Deals With my Proven 3-Step System.