WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE … is a A Sales Leaders guide to WIN More Big Deals With My Proven 3-Step System

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Available Feb 2021.

Competition for new business has never been more intense. Traditional vendors are digging in, while new Cloud and SaaS based business models are emerging and gaining customer attention across all market segments.

Despite lots of traditional sales training, most Sales Leaders have no plan or process to INSPECTASSESS, and COACH their teams to help ACCELERATE and WIN more Big Deals.

Leaders have instinct and experience, but NO repeatable plan or system to Win the Big Deals that move the forecast needle.

WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE is all about leveraging the Proven 3-Step System I developed over the past five years leading the Canadian subsidiaries of both NetApp and Veeam Software, so you don’t have to invent your own.

You’ll learn to:

  • Develop a leadership cadence to INSPECT the top deals in your sales funnel.

  • ASSESS and ruthlessly qualifying those deals early in the forecast process.
  • And finally, COACH your sales team so they don’t miss any steps or stakeholders that could sink their deals.

I wrote this book for you if you’re a sales leader who needs to win Big Deals to over-achieve your sales targets.

  • If you’re a 1st Line Sales Leader, running a sales district looking for a better way to add value to your team’s six (and seven) figure sales campaigns, this book’s for you.

  • If you’re a 2nd Line Sales Director, with sales managers reporting to you and looking to quickly qualify if large sales opportunities will close when forecasted, this book’s for you.

  • If you’re a sales VP, GM or country leader, who owns the sales number and wants to checkpoint the progress of big deals in the forecast, yes….. this book’s for you.

  • And if you’re a rep or single contributor who leads and collaborates with other team members to mount complex sale campaigns, this book is also for you.

When is the book available?

The book is now complete. I’m working through the final edits and publishing process. I fully expect it to be available in early Feb 2021.

While I’m finishing up the process I’m also delivering my leadership sales program of the same name WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE.

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