Here are the Top 10 Questions you should be asking (but probably aren’t) to help your team Ruthlessly Qualify and WIN more Big Deals.

This Video Training Series first appeared on LinkedIn and is taken from my Sales Leadership Program and new book “Winning the Six-Figure Sale.” 


Question # 1

Can you name  the Top 10 Steps in a Complex Sales Campaign?


Question # 2

What’s the FASTEST way to get your deal approved even if the discounts you need are really goofy!


Question # 3

How are you keeping track of all the key players in the Powerbase you need to Meet and Influence?


Question # 4

What’s the Compelling Event that will ensure your Big Deal closes when expected?


Question # 5

How can you truly differentiate yourself in the eyes of your prospects?


Question # 6

Who is your primary competitor and what is their strategy to beat YOU?


Question # 7

How can you develop a WINNING EDGE in your complex sales campaigns?


Question # 8

How are you Setting Expectations with partners in your Big Deals?


Question # 9

How are you Ensuring Customer Success… BEFORE you get your PO?


Question # 10

If you’re involved in a complex sales campaign, ask yourself this one last question, BEFORE it’s too late!

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