Sales teams, Here’s Question #2 in our weekly series of 10 Powerful Questions you should be asking (but probably aren’t) to Ruthlessly Qualify and Win more Big Deals!

We all know Big Deals are tough to win!

The competition is fierce, as everyone is attracted by the size of the deals.

Big Deals move the forecast needle, so winning them has a major impact on your sales results and income.

But in addition to lots of new competitors, the incumbent is hell bent on keeping you out and not giving up their footprint.

Big Deals usually mean big discounts, low gross margins and special concessions to win.

But you can’t win a deal you don’t show up for, and so getting your deal approved internally is the first step in a winning sales proposal.

So, here’s question number #2.

What’s the FASTEST way to get your deal approved internally, even if the discounts, gross margins or special concessions you need to win are really goofy!

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