INSPECT - Top Deals

ASSESS - Sales Campaign Quality

COACH - Help your Team Win

What Impact
would Winning Just One Additional Big Deal
"Per Rep - Each Quarter"
have on your Sales Results, Forecast Accuracy and Income?


Helps Sales Leaders – INSPECT their Pipelines – ASSESS the Quality of their Sales Campaigns – COACH their teams to ACCELERATE and WIN more Big Deals... Faster!


Inspect your Sales Funnel, Ruthlessly Qualify – Only Spend Time on Big Deals you can WIN


Assess the Quality of Your Team’s
“Must Win” Sales Campaigns – Early in the Forecast Process


Help Your Team Close Gaps, Cover All Their Bases – Win More Big Deals

Win Big Deals Faster!

What's So Different About This Program?

Most sales leaders have no training or process to help their teams run complex sales campaigns. Experience and Instinct, but no training.

is the sales course you never knew existed ..... until NOW !

In the 1/2 Day Program you’ll Learn How to:




ACCELERATE your Must Win sales campaigns and WIN Faster!

Your Guide

Jeff 1 with Background

Whether you manage a Team or Territory, I’ll help You Win More “Big Deals”

I’m Jeff Goldstein, the founder of and creator of the WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE course.

I’ve built to help Sales Leaders – INSPECT their Pipelines – ASSESS the Quality of their Sales Campaigns and – COACH their teams to help Accelerate their Big Deals.

InspectAssess and Coach works, is easy to understand and implement and can help you close Big Deals faster!. 

I’m even writing a book for those that prefer to read and reference the content on their own.

Sales Leader Transformation




Rather than executing in a re-active / tactical one step at a time approach, Leaders learn how to Inspect their funnels, Assess their sales campaigns and Coach their teams to zoom out and see the entire Chess board.
Teams become much more Strategic and ACCELERATE and WIN more Big Deals Faster.

Watch my LinkedIn Video Series 10 of the most Powerful Discovery Questions from the course and upcoming book.

Questions you should be asking (but probably aren’t) to Help your Team Ruthlessly Qualify and Win more BIG DEALS.

Gain new Insights and Accelerate your Must Win sales campaigns.

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Accelerate Your Big Deals