The Sales Course your Team Doesn’t Want but Absolutely NEEDS!

Competition Has Never Been More Intense

Despite lots of traditional sales training, most sales teams still struggle to execute their “Must Win” sales campaigns

No Written Plan

No Competitive Edge

Work on Unqualified Deals

No Strategic Approach

No Value Added Partners

Lose or Defer Forecasted Deals

The Solution


Training Course - Transform the way you run your Must-Win Sales Campaigns

1/2 day sales program packed with actionable content

Laser focused on helping sales teams win more BIG DEALS

Easy to learn and implement, so you get started right away

Never miss important steps or stakeholders

Learn a Consistent, Questions based Approach

Ruthlessly qualify and never spend time on deals you can't win

A proven approach to review and inspect Big Deals

Leaders use the reviews as coaching opportunities for their teams

Three Action Steps

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     Schedule the Training

Your Guide

"Whether you manage a Team or Territory, I’ll help You Win More "Big Deals"

I’m Jeff Goldstein, the founder of and creator of the WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE course.

I’ve built to share what I’ve learned on my journey through the trenches of technology sales, to help Sales Teams win more Big Deals and succeed way more quickly than they could all on their own.

I‘ve reviewed hundreds of COMPLEX sales campaigns using the exact same methodology I teach in the course WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE ….. so I know it works, is easy to implement and can help you win more Big Deals!

I’m even writing a book for those that prefer to read and digest the content on their own.

Student Transformation


Students learn how to transform their Big Deal sales skills from Checkers to Chess.

Rather than executing their big deals in a re-active and tactical –  one step at a time approach (checkers), students learn how to zoom out and see the entire Chess board and be much more Strategic.

Watch my LinkedIn Video Series that includes 10 of the most Powerful Questions from the course and upcoming book.

 Questions you should be asking (but probably aren’t) to Ruthlessly Qualify and WIN MORE Big Deals.

Gain new Insights and Transform the way you run your Must Win sales campaigns. 

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