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Sales Leaders Only.com is all about sharing what I’ve learned to help Sales Leaders ramp to productivity way faster than they could all on their own.

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Jeff Goldstein


About Jeff

I’ve been building high tech sales teams for the last 25+ years..

While I’m an engineer by training, my entire career has been spent grinding out a sales number…every week, month and quarter. I’ve always been close to the field, close to customers and partners, and close to the sales teams who make it all happen.

I’ve been thinking about building a sales consultancy for some time now, but my very full time day jobs kept getting in the way.

Now that’s I’ve retired from the daily forecasting business, I’ve had some time to reflect on the Best Practices that helped me drive growth in all the businesses I’ve been responsible for over the last 25 years (HP, Data General / EMC, NetApp and Veeam).

And so, SalesLeadersOnly.com is all about providing the tools I’ve developed that enabled me to drive Hype Growth (30 – 50%) at  Data General/EMC, NetApp  and Veeam Canada over a sustained period of time.

No flash in the pan tricks, but time tested techniques and strategies I used to grow each business and stay in the ZONE for as long as I could.

Climbing your way to the top won’t be easy…. but the view along the way can be spectacular. 

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