A Sales Leaders Guide to WIN more Big Deals 
With My Proven 3-Step System

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If you’re a sales leader who’s tired of last-minute forecast surprises because the big deals you were counting on didn’t close when expected…. this book is for you!

Winning the Six-Figure Sale is all about helping sales leaders Inspect, Assess and Coach their teams to accelerate and yes.…. win more big deals!

Other than the forecast call, most sales leaders have no intentional and deliberate process to review their big deals. They have experience and instinct but very little training or structured planning around big deal management.

This book will give you a proven 3-step system, to transform the way you think about and help your team execute their “Must Win” sales campaigns.

Whether you’re a first-line sales manager, second-line sales director, VP, GM, country leader, or if you’re a sales rep who owns a sales number and runs complex sales campaigns, this book will help you win your unfair share of big deals!

  • What if you could develop an intentional and deliberate cadence to INSPECT your sales funnel and identify critical “Must Win” sales campaigns this quarter AND next.
  • What if you could quickly ASSESS and ruthlessly qualify your team’s big deals early in the forecast process with a Rapid Assessment Review that takes only 15 minutes.
  • What if you could COACH your team by executing a structured 45-minute Sales Strategy Review, so they never miss important steps or stakeholders that could crash their deals.
  • What if you could learn how to carve out  just 10% of your time to implement the 3-step system and get laser-focused on the big deals that drive your business.
  • And what if, rather than re-inventing the wheel, you could download valuable training assets and use them right away, at no cost whatsoever.

★ Imagine the impact winning just one additional big deal per rep each quarter would have on your sales results, forecast accuracy, and income?

For the past two decades, Jeff Goldstein has been building sales teams as VP, GM, and president of Canadian high-tech subsidiaries of large US-based tech companies.

While Jeff is an engineer by training, he’s spent his entire career grinding out a sales number every week, month, and quarter. He’s always had income at risk and has been close to the field, close to customers, partners, and the sales teams who make it all happen.

And because he knows how busy you already are, he’s designed this book to be read in about 90 minutes… but don’t let its small size fool you. It’s packed with the details of Jeff’s 3-step system that has enabled him to transform the way sales leaders think about and manage their team’s big deals.

There is no ivory tower theory in this book. Jeff has inspected, assessed and coached sales teams through hundreds of sales campaigns using the approach he outlines in his book, so it’s battle-tested and proven. He’ll help you sharpen your skills, so you no longer rely solely on instinct and experience to be more successful.

Pick up your copy of Winning the Six-Figure Sale …. available NOW on Amazon.


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