WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE … is a A Step-by-step Guide to Help Sales Leaders  Inspect, Assess, Coach and Accelerate their team’s MUST WIN Sales Campaigns.

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Competition for new business has never been more intense. Traditional vendors are digging in, while new Cloud and SaaS based business models are emerging and gaining customer attention across all market segments.

Despite lots of traditional sales training, most Sales Leaders have no plan or process to INSPECTASSESS, COACH and help their teams ACCELERATE their “Must Win” sales campaigns.

Leaders have instinct and experience, but NO repeatable plan to Win the Big Deals that move the forecast needle.

WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE is a Sales Leaders’ Guide to Inspect, Assess, Coach and Accelerate “MUST WIN” sales campaigns.

The book is laser focused on three critical areas specifically designed to help sale leaders:

  • Inspect their Sales Funnel
  • Assess the quality of their teams’ “Must Win” sales campaigns
  • Identify Coaching opportunities to help their teams close Gaps and WIN more Big Deals…. Faster

Sales Leaders also learn how to help their teams Ruthlessly qualify, and never spend Time or Resources on deals they can’t win.

The book helps sales teams WIN more Big Deals by never missing important Steps or Stakeholders in their complex sales campaigns.

The book also  teaches Sales Leaders how to Inspect, Access and Coach their teams by using a Consistent, Question based approach to cover all the bases in large, complex “Must Win” deals.

Who’s the book for:

  • 1st Line Sales Leaders looking for an Intentional and Deliberate process to Inspect, Assess and Coach their teams through Six (or seven) Figure Sales Campaigns.

  • 2nd Line Sales Leaders looking to qualify if large Sales Opportunities will close when forecasted.
  • Experienced sales reps looking for new insights and to sharpen the saw and think like their boss.
  • SEs and other sales team members who want to improve their contributions to the teams’ sales campaign.

When is the book available?

Jeff is currently writing the book while he delivers his leadership sales program of the same name WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE.

He continues to update his manuscript based on the real life interactions he’s having with program participants.

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