Sales teams, here’s #3 of 10 Powerful Questions you should be asking (but probably aren’t) to Ruthlessly Qualify and Win more Big Deals!

# 3. How are you keeping track of all the key players in the Powerbase you need to meet and influence, so you never miss an important Stakeholder in your COMPLEX SALE?

Sounds like an easy question, but in every complex deal there are lots of people to pay attention to (that’s why it’s a complex deal).

Technical recommenders and Decision makers, Financial Decision makers, a Coach, a Fox and others in the Powerbase who can have an impact on your deal.

Have you met them, what role do they play in the powerbase and how do they feel about your solution?

Org charts don’t tell the real story of where the power lies in your prospect.

The Relationship Map does, and it’s very easy to follow.

Watch the Video, it’s less than 2 ½ minutes long!

I’ll post all the video questions at and my YouTube channel right after they’re posted here.

Enjoy video # 3