Sales teams, are you Winning your Unfair share of Big Deals? Here are 10 Powerful Questions you should be asking (but probably aren’t) to Win more BIG DEALS!

Every Wednesday morning for the next 10 weeks, I’ll share a new video with a Powerful Question from my Sales Course and upcoming book… WINNING THE COMPLEX SALE.

Winning Big Deals is all about running large, complex sales campaigns. To win big, you need discipline and a structured sales approach that helps ensure you never miss an important step or stakeholder that could crash your deal.

If you’re a sales rep, sales leader or sales team member, these 10 Questions will give you new insights and help you think differently about how you execute your Must Win sales campaigns.

So, here’s question number #1.

Can you name 10 Critical Steps in a Complex Sales Campaign?

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Enjoy video # 1