What Clients Are Saying About
"Winning the Six-Figure Sale"

Winning the Six-Figure Sale

I’ve brought Jeff’s training program to 3 different sales teams at 3 different organizations now and each time, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in our big deal management and win rates.

Greg Onoprijenko

Director of Cloud Sales, U.S.
Ingram Micro Cloud

Jeff has compiled many of the best practices of professional sales into a rigorous system that anyone can adopt.

John Huxtable

Chief Operating officer

The methodology is useful in “ruthlessly” qualifying opportunities and focusing your time on what will truly make you successful.

Benny Cifelli

General manager
NetApp Canada

Loved the methodical process and science behind closing 6 figure deals!

Devina Yadav Baker

Global Head Solution  Architecture

The course reminded us that being deliberate regarding our key “Must Win” deals is what will make us get the results we are targeting. A simple and effective approach for selling.

Alex Talmor

GlassHouse Systems Canada

Jeff spreads infectious energy and is easy to listen to with a lot of insightful moments

Tom Schroeder

Head of Sales, Germany

The concepts of big deal management discussed in this program will help us to better understand our pipeline and provide more accurate forecasting of the business.

Bill Steed

Vice President, Canada
Ingram Micro

If you’re in sales and are not employing Jeff’s methodology, let me say, “Thank you”. You are making my job easier.

Danial Thomas

Enterprise Account Manager
NetApp, Canada

This course is beyond theory and plain ideas. Jeff Goldstein’s ability to dissect data and information and transform it into a practical 10-step process is the best I’ve seen so far. 

Jerry Lalic 

Sr. Sales Manager
Ingram Micro


Great content! Value was taken from the course for me. Plenty of things would have been eye-openers if I didn’t know you worked this way in the past.  Awesome course Jeff! I appreciate it!

Rick Byrne

Manager System Engineering
Veeam Software

You can invent your own methodology or use Jeff’s – but one way or the other, you need a repeatable process to evaluate big deals.

Kyle Foster

Sales Director
GlassHouse Systems Canada

Jeff does a great job of summarizing the critical questions to ask yourself and clients to ensure that deals close on schedule.

Taylor McGovern

Enterprise Account Manager
NetApp, Canada

Accelerate and WIN More Big Deals

Accelerate and WIN More Big Deals