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“Winning the Six-Figure Sale” leadership training program.


The 1/2 day course helps Sales Leaders
INSPECT their Pipelines
ASSESS the Quality of their Sales Campaigns
COACH their teams to ACCELERATE and WIN more Big Deals... Faster!

Proven 3-Step System


Develop and Intentional and Deliberate Cadence to Inspect your Big Deal Funnel this Quarter and Next


Assess the Quality of Your Team’s
Sales Campaigns – Early in the Forecast Process


Help Your Team Close Gaps,
Cover All their Bases – Win More Big Deals

Plus ......

Implement the program with downloadable course assets to help you ACCELERATE your Big Deals

“The nicest thing about NOT planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of worry or depression”

Gain a Competitive Advantage

95% of all Sales Leaders have no repeatable process to help their teams win Big Deals .... They have instinct and experience, but no plan!

The WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE gives Sales Leaders a 3-Step Framework

Your Guide

Whether you manage a District a Region or a Country, I’ll help You Win More “Big Deals”

I’m Jeff Goldstein, the founder of and creator of the WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE courseI’ve built to help Sales Leaders WIN more Big Deal using my Proven 3-Step System 

 You’ll learn to INSPECT your Pipeline , ASSESS the Quality of your team’s Sales Campaigns and COACH your teams to help Accelerate their Big Deals.

InspectAssess and Coach works, is easy to understand and implement and can help you close Big Deals faster!


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Who is the Course For?


How is the Program Delivered?

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What does the Program Cost?

There are three levels of interaction (Consultative, Collaborative, On-Going) that can be effective for the program, depending on the degree of help and participation you’d like from’ principal – Jeff Goldstein

Consultative- $5000 USD

Collaborative - $10,000 USD

On-Going - $1,500 USD / month

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What You'll Learn?

Sales Leaders Learn How to:


Sales Reps Learn How to:

What Some of our Students are Saying

"Overall this was a great experience. We are all busy, but this course is web based, quick, to the point and has great info. Most importantly I could actually see myself applying the principles learned after completion. Time well spent."
Bob Crickmore
National Partner Mgr, NetApp Canada
"Jeff has a wealth of knowledge in sales management. His insights on big deal reviews were extremely valuable. We can always learn new tricks from the pros! I learned a lot and it was time well spent."
Lucie Jaque
National Alliance Mgr, NetApp Canada
Insightful and Process driven approach that drives results and client insights."
Michael Gavarkos
National Sales Mgr. Trend Micro Canada

Course Curriculum

step 11


The program starts by helping sales leaders develop an Intentional and Deliberate cadence to INSPECT their Big Deal sales funnel this Quarter and Next

Step 112


The quality of the team’s Must Win sales campaigns are Assessed using  the Rapid Assessment Review that takes only 15 minutes to quickly assess the quality of the team’s “Must Win” Sales Campaigns – Early in the Forecast Process

Step 113


Leaders learn to execute The Sales Strategy Review (45 minutes) and utilize 25 powerful discovered questions to help the team close gaps, and cover all the bases 


Implement with Proprietary Course Assets

Sales leaders learn how to carve out 10% of their time to implement the process. They also learn how to leverage all the downloadable proprietary course assets and tools

For more ideas about how you can help your team win big, read my new book Winning the Six-Figure Sale: A Sales Leaders Guide to WIN More Big Deals With my Proven 3-Step System.

Or watch a short video to learn the core principles

Accelerate Your Big Deals