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Leadership Training

Jeff has leveraged his 25+ years of sales leadership experience and built a course “WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE” that teaches Sales Leaders how to Inspect, Assess and Coach their teams’ Big Deals.

The Proven 3-Step System teaches leaders how to ensure their teams never miss important steps or stakeholders in their “Must Win” sales campaigns. 

Guest Speaker - Masterclass

Bring Jeff in to your next sales meeting or business review and he’ll engage and challenge your sales team to think differently about how they run their Must Win sales campaigns. 

He’s developed a Free 1-hour Masterclass for your sales leaders. The Top 6 questions sales leaders should be asking right now to Win more Big Deals, including lessons from the 2008 Recession. 


Jeff has over 25 years of sales leadership experience running the Canadian subsidiaries of Data General / EMC, NetApp, and Veeam Software.

He is passionate about helping sales teams scale their business and has developed a set of best practices he speaks and consults on. 

Contact Jeff to discuss the specific areas you need help with and together  you can decide if he can add value.


WINNING THE SIX-FIGURE SALE is a Sales Leaders’ Guide to WIN more Big Deals with My Proven 3-Step System.

The book is available NOW and is laser focused on three critical areas specifically designed to help sale leaders:

  • Inspect their Sales Funnel
  • Assess the quality of their team’s “Must Win” sales campaigns
  • Identify Coaching opportunities to help their teams close Gaps and WIN more Big Deals

Contacting Jeff is easy and he’s eager to explore ways in which he can help you scale your business.

After leading sales teams in technology for over 25 years, he understands the sales leadership role exceptionally well and can help you drive your business forward.

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