How are you developing a WINNING EDGE in your complex sales campaigns?

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­If you’re an experienced sales rep or sales leader, you already know there are a lot of moving parts in a Complex Sales Campaign.

There are many things you need to get right and a lot of ways to mess things up.

But one of the things I always ask sales teams when I’m reviewing their big deals is:

What’s your Winning Edge?

I get all sorts of different answers and a lot of puzzled looks, but it’s not that difficult.

Here are the three questions I ask to see if sales teams have developed a Competitive Advantage or Edge in their deal.

Do you have access to Power?

This assumes you’ve built a relationship map and understand who the key decision-makers actually are. Reps often answer this with a yes, until I ask the second question.

2. Have you met the key decision-makers in PERSON?

The whole point of Access to Power is to meet the key decision-makers in person to understand how they feel about your organization and your solution firsthand.

The third question is probably the most telling.

Do you have a Coach inside the account, and are they sharing key INSIDE information about how your campaign is being perceived?

You can’t WIN without a Coach

You can sometimes win a big deal without access to power or meeting key decision-makers in person, but in my experience, it’s incredibly hard to win a Big Deal without a COACH.

Someone who is on the inside sitting in on customer meetings you’ll never get invited to.

Your coach doesn’t have to be an inside salesperson or champion, selling on your behalf. You need someone on the inside who can give you an idea about how your campaign is resonating with your prospect.

Sales campaigns bob and weave all the time, and without a coach helping you along the way, it’s really easy to get off track and never know it.

While I don’t talk about Gaining a Competitive Edge until Step 6 of the Big Deal Roadmap, developing a coach should start the moment you meet the prospect.

And don’t forget to lean on your technical specialist. They often have great insight into who wants your solution and is in a position to help you win.

So ask yourself these three questions

  • Do you have Access to Power?
  • Have you met the Key Decision-makers in person?
  • Do you have a COACH who wants to see you win and is prepared to help?

Winning big deals is a bit easier when you know what questions to ask!

Great selling

– Jeff 

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