What impact would winning just ONE additional Big Deal per rep – each quarter have on your sales results, forecast accuracy and income?

Getting laser FOCUSED on your big deals seems so simple and straightforward, yet most sales leaders just don’t do it!


And I completely understand why.


They’ve never been taught how to and don’t have the time to invent a system of their own.


Do you?


In my experience, 95% of all sales leaders do NOT have an Intentional and Deliberate process to INSPECT their pipelines, ASSESS the quality of their teams’ large sales campaigns and COACH their teams to help accelerate and win their Big Deals.


One Simple Change


Making one simple change to your sales process by becoming more Intentional and Deliberate around your big deals will completely change how many big deals you win each quarter.


More Focus = More Success, especially when it comes to big deals.

Many sales leaders are stuck doing things the same old way.

Many sales leaders try to inspect and access their reps’ big deals on the forecast call but never have enough time to go deep and get past the happy ears most reps use to describe their sales campaigns.

Or if the sales leader can find time to go out with the rep on an actual sales call, they strategize with their reps at Starbucks before the call or on the phone on the way to the call.

Sound familiar?

The Big Problem

So, the big question is how can you move from the Same Old Way you manage your big deals and pipeline to a New Strategy. One that is more intentional and deliberate and generates much more consistent results?

Once you move to the new strategy, you’ll get laser-focused on the top 10 – 20 deals that move your business forward and help your team develop action plans they can actually execute this quarter and next.

The New Strategy is simple to execute once you understand the moving parts.

So, here’s a quick summary of the new strategy:

  1. Start each new quarter by identifying the Top 10 – 20 big deals in the pipeline you need to win this quarter and NEXT quarter and include these deals on a simple spreadsheet.
  2. Take your list of deals from Step 1 and schedule a Rapid Assess Review, a 15-minute phone call with just you and your sales rep.The goal of this call is to probe deeply to see if the deal is well qualified for Budget, Authority, Need and Timing to see if the deal should be in the forecast in the first place.


  3. Once you’ve confirmed the opportunity is well qualified, schedule a longer (45 minute) Sales Strategy Review with the sales rep AND the team members who can contribute to winning the deal.

    Go deeper with the structured Sales Strategy Review to ensure the team doesn’t miss any steps or stakeholders that could sink their deals.

  4. Carve out 10% of your time to implement steps 1 – 3 each quarter, then rinse and repeat, measuring how many deals are won, lost, deferred or end with no-decision.Looking at these simple sales metrics will probably shock you!

    I’ll bet over 50% of the big deals
    that were in your forecast at the start of the quarter will be deferred or end in no decision…. 50% or more!

When you think about it, where else in your business could you invest just 10% of your time and get a bigger return than winning your unfair share of Big Deals?

What impact would winning just one additional Big Deal per rep – each quarter have on your sales results, forecast accuracy and income.

Think about and let’s connect!

Great Selling

– Jeff

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