The One Question you need to ask … BEFORE it's too late!

This week’s post is all about helping your sales team avoid that dreaded phone call.

We’ve all received that call from a prospective new customer. The thanks, your proposal was excellent, your product looks really interesting, but we’ve decided to go in a different direction…

You know how it feels

The team has worked for months with a new prospect. They covered all their bases and met and influenced everyone in the power base.

They’re starting to feel pretty good about their prospects of winning the deal and have even forecasted the opportunity to close this quarter.

It’s been a long, hard-fought battle, but one that will be worth all the effort because it’s big, and there’s lots of future annuity business right behind this first win.

But before your rep spends their commission cheque, here’s one critical question you should ask them!

It’s called the “Look Back” Question

I got this question from one of my clients, Ivan Brinjak, at Longview Systems, and I liked it so much I stole it… So thanks, Ivan.

Here’s the question you should ask your rep:

👉 If the prospect was to notify you today that you LOST the deal, what fatal flaws in your campaign do you think they discovered that led to the loss.

… What steps will you take NOW to address the flaws before you get the bad news phone call?

Think about that for a moment. Did the team miss an important step or stakeholders in their complex sales campaign?

  • Did they take any shortcuts?

  • Did they get Access to Power and meet the Financial Decision-Maker in person?

  • Did they understand how the competition planned to beat them?

  • Did they have a plan to ensure Customer Success and communicate their Install and Support plan to the customer?

  • Did they understand what risk’s could cause the customers’ project to fail?

  • Did the team develop a coach who helped guide them with inside information?

Remember, this is just you and your sales rep asking all the right questions BEFORE it’s too late.

Is there any part of the sales campaign that’s not competitive and needs shoring up or special attention?

👉 Use the “Look Back” Question often and early in discussions with your sales team.

If you’ve identified flaws in your sales campaign, likely, your prospect has as well.

Take the time to address them now and improve your chances of Winning your Six-Figure Sale.

Great selling.

– Jeff

  • See you next week, where I’ll ask what three critical traits you should be looking for when hiring a high-performance sales team.

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